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God of War III’s director Stig Asmussen shared some exciting pieces of news

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God of War III‘s director Stig Asmussen shared some exciting pieces of news from the behind-the-scenes of the God of War series he worked on for so many years. He’s now at Respawn Entertainment to work on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but still has fond memories of the franchise.



He didn’t actually throw his own name in the pot, but he put his name down on the list of suggestions just so that people would be able to identify his submissions. Instead, people thought that Stig was a real contender. “I totally would have been cool with it,” he chuckled.

In the end, Kratos was ultimately decided, and it’s fair to say it paid off. In addition, the name of the game was also a point of much debate, with Dark Odyssey one of the main contenders, something which Asmussen “really liked.”


However, he revealed that marketing folk thought it “might be too high-brow, and people might not get it.”

Game Informer interviewed Asmussen about his work on of the God of War series, including the PSP chapters before 2018’s God of War. He talked about how Kratos was originally going to be named Dominus, and the game was supposed to be called Dark Odyssey. Both the ideas were appealing for the marketing division at Sony.


“We were trying to figure out Kratos’ name, and we were working with marketing on that and [director David] Jaffe opened it up to the team,” Asmussen said. “[Kratos’] working name for a long time was Dominus, but marketing didn’t like that. I don’t know how many members of the team submitted names, but I submitted maybe a handful of them, and they went to marketing, and they came back with four, maybe five names for Kratos. Kratos was one of them … and Stig was one of them.”

“We were so used to Dominus,” Asmussen said. “And at the time we were calling the game Dark Odyssey, and we really liked that name, but marketing thought it might be too high-brow, and people might not get it.”

Asmussen also shared that many at Santa Monica Studio were a bit disappointed in hearing the final title.

As part of the same interview, talking about things he got used to, the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order director also said that he was “skeptical” about God of War 2018 soft rebooting the franchise and going action-adventure. Still, they ended up loving it and considering that was the right move.

Kratos is one of the most recognisable PlayStation characters out there, but the God of War anti-hero could have had an entirely different name at one stage. That’s according to former Sony Santa Monica developer Stig Asmussen, who revealed that Dominus was used during the original game’s production, but marketing wasn’t too keen on the idea.

God Of War’s Kratos Nearly Named After Dev Team Member


Speaking during an interview with Game Informer, Asmussen revealed that David Jaffe, the game’s director, requested that the team submit their names for consideration, with Asmussen offering four-five names. While he didn’t disclose what they were, he did reveal that his own name was in the running for God of War’s anti-hero.

God of War launched back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, and went on to sell over 4.6 million copies. The game spawned a hugely successful franchise, which has flogged over 32 million games worldwide. The latest release, 2018’s God of War, has moved over 10 million copies alone and acted as a soft reboot for the series.

Rumours have been picking up lately suggesting that Sony Santa Monica is busy hiring for God of War 2.


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