How to buy free domain name.(90% off)Learn tricks and will You feeling  Happy

I am Asif Elahi, my first domain name purchase price was $ 1.34US (in 2016, for Indian Rupee 99/year).I buy the domain name the next time. And the price of the domain on the same site ( was $ 8us but. 

I was not happy but why? I am feeling fail. I wanted to buy a free domain name. But I did not believe that free domains are available. (Such as .com .in .org .net and .co etc)But I was wrong


I believe that the free domain is available for buy. But can not buy directly. Use you brain. So friends I have shared my Knowledge. How to buy Domen name free and low price in Bigger and best domen seller sites?
Before learning, you go to all websites of the domain name vendor and see the value, I suggest that you first know the value of all the websites and then start learning


Thank You

Tricks how to buy free domain name

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1. Open Google Search engine (Best Search engine The World) and type domain promo        code and pres inter Key or click in search logo and you see all result. Like


2. You go this Site and Use Promo code (All time not avilivel best Promo code this site           Use any site your Choise. I am only Shere tricks ) 


3. copy Promo code and Tray
4. Go to and  àsing up new account à use a new gmail id àand sing in 
   Saerch domen name and add to cart 
5. and Show this Option(See this price before entering promo code)
  Click Here have a Promo code
6. Open this page and enter the code here. And the result will appear in red or green. If the result is red, then you will use the next code and the result will be green, then automatically return to payment mode. 

Are you happy with this Domain Price? Yes, you buy the domain. Otherwise, you’ll use the next code


7. and Show this Option(See this price after entering promo code)


 And friends, I want to say something that you want to buy something before searching. So I request you not to do this. First you can get promo codes and then buy, you can get the benefit

Thank You
The name of the largest and best domain name seller’s site?

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Who is the best domain name seller site? I suggest you 

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