30 type of best memes with images

                                    What are memes?

30 type of best memes: It is a unit of cultural information, ideas or behaviour that spreads by the imitation from a person to person. Usually, it is spread from social media and various types of websites etc. social media best memes platform is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

30 type of best memes with images

In the form of pictures, videos or other media content. There are infinite numbers of memes on Internet.

Dank memes refers to the viral internet content, due to the passing trends. Memes are made to make you laugh. 30 type of best memes

Types of memes: Classic, Dank, Normie, Wholesome, Surreal, Funny, Sad etc.

Who introduced and when?

30 type of best memes: The term meme came from the Greek mimema which memes in  ‘imitated’. It was introduced in 1976 by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his work “The Selfish Gene”.

30 Most popular memes of all time

  • LOLcats – The word LOL means laughing out loud, LOLcats are nothing but the cats with the pictures of cats with the silly and funny captions, and weird grammes. It is created just for fun and share among friends. Caption: lolcats making us smart.
  • Success Kid-  It is the image of a kid got viral due to a fistful of sand with determined his facial expression.  The boy is described as photo as likely the internet most famous baby.
  • Distracted Boyfriends Memes-  Distracted boyfriend is a man looking at other women. In this image an object labelling stock photos series in which man is looking at the backside of the other women walking while presumably, his romantic partner looks on disapprovingly.

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  • JCB Memes – JCB Memes OR JCB ki khudai are the series of memes created to show the people’s never-ending love towards the JCB crane. When the JCB machine is working people leave their all the important works for later and gathering around the area where the JCB crane is working. Most of the Indians love to watch the JCB  ki khudai literally translates to digging by JCB.
  •  PUBG Memes:  So, we can get some funny moments in-game too. Pubg memes are shared to have some fun and laugh. Here we play, we laugh, we share. Pubg memes in India are taking the internet by storm. Peoples were making hilarious jokes that sum up joy and pain of PubG
  • Porn memes:  Porn memes are just for adult. It is funny memes when you get it. These memes do not show any dirty happening but have double meaning words.
  •  Weed memes:  The weed memes are quite controversial. In this type of memes we share our thoughts in the best funniest ways including cannabis. Here everybody did get the meme, the only person who has tried ever can get each and every meme and get relatable itself. It remind you just a herb. For some of the countries these plants have legalized and even considers as medical stuffs. Non-smoker hate these types of memes but the stoner just get the high aff.   The high people are really funny. Show some memes to your stoner friend and they will terribly happy.
  • Tom and jerry memes: These memes are really funny and relatable to your life. In this memes the characters are taken through the cartoon tom and jerry which were the series of short films with lots of comedy. In this meme the tom is the cat and the jerry is a little mouse which plays of an important role for the friendship, the bond between two animals and lots of love.
  •  Mr Bean Memes: In this memes, the character is taken through the series of comedy episode. In this meme, there is a man named Mr Bean who is very childish uses his unusual way to fulfil every task. He creates a lot of trouble for himself and those who were around him.
  • Be Like Bill Memes: Bill is a stick person illustrated with the captions. The version picture of bill is wearing a hat. There is one more picture of bill sitting at a computer. He lives his life in own way and never copy any other style. He is quite cool in his own way. Be Like Bill…
  • BTS Memes: BTS are not only famous for their music and dance skills but their charming personalities and quite funny moments has capture and viral through the memes. The memes featuring the BTS members. And their some funny

comedy moments.

  • Coffin Dance Memes:  (Funeral Coffin Dance ) Is a meme with black men who carries the coffin and dance under Astronomia. It is the meme video where the men started dancing with the coffin at the end of with an epic fail. The countries hire special dancers for the funeral to cheerfully send to the dead.
  • Its her choice memes: Neha Dhupia got brutally trolled on social media for her comment on Roadies Revolution. According to Neha Dupia ,”if a girl cheats then it is her choice. A girl can slap 4 times a boy but a guy can’t slap a girl if she cheats”. This is fake feminism. We agree that slapping is wrong in both gender but the way she defended her gender base sign of hypocrisy.
  • Disappoint cricket fan memes: There is a man behind the disappoint cricket fan meme, the man dressed in flannel shirt with arm akimbo and a disappoint look on his face. The man’s reaction is for Pakistani cricketer dropped a catch during match with Australia team and have been a meme sensation. His meme is popular for a disappoint face and look.
  • Our PM Modi Memes: Narendra modi was looking at to solar eclipse and has became a meme. A picture of PM Modi wearing a dark glasses and is looking above the sky were seen.
  • Minion Memes:  Minion pictures are much funny with his look and quotes. Hope you enjoy them. Here, whatever minions do they always look funny and stupid. Many people share these to their bestfriend, they were quite relatable for the stupid things.  
  • Corona Virus Memes:  everyone is being stuck at homes and were getting bored this time. We all are practicing social distancing, nowadays we all are going through some toughest time right now. The bad news are making really freakin’ hard. The memes are helping us to get through with a couple of laugh. Isn’t good.
  • Joker Memes: Nowadays people are sharing hilarious memes inspired by the joker movies. While the joker was a serious movie but the movie spawn  several hilarious memes. Here the joker was probably a villain but loved more than the hero.
  • Neha Kakkar Crying Memes:  Neha Kakkar, the most popular bollywood singer and a judge in realitly show got trolled. There had been many such incidents that Neha Kakkar has cried and showing her emotions. Due to her crying face she got trolled in social media.
  • Women Yelling At Cat:  The meme is separated into two images. The first image is of two women, the one Yelling at cat and the other one is allergic to cat and the second image is of cat just trying to enjoy his meal and don’t give a dmm..
  •  Angry Pakistani Cricket fan:  A pizza burger guy had been out busted during the interview . He was so angry and disappointed due to the very bad performance of Pakistan cricket team. This outburst gave us a very good meme. He said ( o bhai marro muje maro ye kya mazak chal ra hai yaha , ekdam se wakt badal diye,jazbaat badal diye zindagi badal di )
  • Hera Pheri Memes: This movie is very old and comedy. The movie was very funny in every aspect. The hero was aksay kumar and got viral in memes after 19 years of being released. Phir hera pheri is an Indian comedy film which is in recent time became so popular because of the memers who created memes.

Some famous dialogue of this movie raju who is akshay kumar and baburao were:

*Ae  50 rupay kaat over acting ke..

*Mara kidney maai heartattack aalera..

*pachis(25) din mai paisa double…

*Utha re le baba utha le mereko nii rehna…

* Ye baburao ka style hai…

* Wo mai mast tel mai fry karke kha gya…

* Iske mooh pe paidaisi supari hai..ye total hai…

*Har dhoti pehen ne wala Gandhi nii hota…

* Pehle mereko ye samjha ki isko samjhana kya hai…

* Are baba wrong number hai to uthati kai ko hai re…

* Sala rakh diya to v baat karta hai…

* Are mereko aesa dhak dhak holera…

*Aee raju khopri tor sale ka…

*Mai to tereko harami samajta tha tu to devta nikla re…
* Re tu fir aa gya ja na re baba…

*Laa baba 5 crore…

* Chai se zyada sala ketli garam hai…

  • Piche Dekho Piche:  There was a little boy named Ahmad Shah from Pakistan. He became famous from his memes who said (piche  dekhp piche, piche to dekho) The piche dekho kid will always force you to look back at all your past mistakes. For piche dekho kid, there’s literally no looking back.
  • Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nai:  Bulati hai magar jane ka nai was a famous shayari said by Dr. Rahat Indori and gets viral memes. The massage is giving you that in this valentine seven days of love. It is an evil way to remind that you to be still single cause one day you will be fooled by them.
  • Hindustani Bhau:  Hindustani bhau or Vikas Jayaram Fathak got viral and became popular on social media after his tiktok abusing famous lyricist and screenwriter Javed Aktar. His dialog “pehli fursat mai nikal” became a popular meme template. He lives in Maharashtra and now superstar on Indian social media. He joined YouTube to make reply to some Pakistani YouTubers who were sayng bad things about India. He alaso participated in bigboss in season13.
  • Mar Jaayega Tu: This scene is taken from a movie Gully Boy. Where Alia Bhatt says ‘mar jayega tu’ to Ranveer Singh  and woundering when apna time ayega. They have inspired the best memes on social media.
  • URI Movie Memes: Here’s the scene taken from a URI movie that is the surgical strike which was released on 11th jan2019. ‘High Sir’ is the response to the question ‘How’s The Josh’ . It is used to explain the level of excitement and dedication towards a particular task or situation. This dialog can be seen in most of the Indian memes to ask the emotion from a person or a group.
  • Depressed Daya Memes: This memes is taken from the TV show CID. The image is of daya who is very sad at a beach. Daya who is known in the show for ‘breaking doors’. The image has become a meme to display extreme sadness.
  • Ananya Pandey Struggler Memes:  Ananya Panday is the daughter of actor Chunky Pandey. She equates her struggle, she said, “I have always wanted to be ana actor, I will never say no to an opportunity.My dad never went on koffee with Karan . So it’s not as easy as people say. Everyone has their own journey and their own struggle. and Siddhant Chaturvedi has a savage reply to Ananya Pandey that (jaha hamare sapne puure hote hai waha inkke struggle shuru hote hai).
  • Abhishek Upamanyu Stand Up Memes: Abhishek Upamanyu is an Indian comedian who has been lots of templates for memes. So here’s some most funny jokes listed for the most popular memes of all time:
  • Inko kya hi pta chalega
  • Karvali bezzati
  • Ye dalalo jaisi baatein nahi
  • Yeh konsi meeting hai jaha mujhe nahi bulate
  • Main kya karu fir job chhod du
  • Yahi baatein toh baad mai yaad aayegi
  • Aansuon se pet bharlia
  • Isla answer to ata hi nii mujhe
  • Aur bhai aagaya swaad
  • Kitna ganda aadmi hoon main yaar
  • Aayush to bol rat ha koi action movie dega…

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