How to approval Adsense very esay tips follow and success ?

1. Buy a custom domain name. From These websites [ ] etc.

2. Use Google to create a domain specific email address. like []
    if Your Domen Name is [] Than You have to Create Your 
    gmail Account Name []

3. These all Pages are verry inportent in add pages like.

       1.   About Us

       2.  ContactUs

       3.   Disclaimer 

       4.  Privacy Policy

        5.  Sitemap


4.Ensure you use a clean Blogger site design                               like[Theme,Templates,background Colour  is White and Simple example ]

5. Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts. like [post-writer 500 words in        1 page]

6. Ensure you don’t use copyright images. [ Dont Copy other Websites images      Use Only free images ]

7. How to Download free Copyright Images like. [ Free Images ]

approval Adsense very esay 


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