Web hosting क्याहै?

वेबहोस्टिंगएकऐसीसेवाहैजिसेहमएकआसानतरिकेसेजानसकतेहै, लेकिनकैसे, आइयेसिखतेहै

Example:-हमेएक Website बनानीहैतोहमक्याकरेंगे…………………………>>>>

सबसेपहलेहमएकडोमेन(www.exameple.com) लेतेहै।औरफिरहमेएकएसिजगहकिजरुरतहोगी  जिस्मेहमअपनेडोमेनकोवहपेरखसके, औरwrite post , images, videos upload करसके, उसमेमोरिकिजगहकोहमinternet केभासामेWebhosting कहतेहै।यावेबहोस्टिंगसेवाप्रदाता, एकऐसाव्यवसायहैजोवेबसाइटयावेबपृष्ठकेलिएइंटरनेटपरदेखनेकेलिएआवश्यकतकनीकोंऔरसेवाओंकोप्रदानकरताहै।अधिकांशहोस्टिंगकंपनियोंकीआवश्यकताहोतीहैकिआपउनकेसाथहोस्टकरनेकेलिएअपकेपासएकडोमेनहों।यदिआपकेपासडोमेननहींहै, तोहोस्टिंगकंपनियांआपकोएकखरीदनेमेंमददकरतीहै।

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that we can learn from an easy way, but how, let us learn
Example:-We have to create a website, what will we do…………>>

First we take a domain (www.exameple.com). And then we will need one place where we can keep our domain on the fly and upload write post, images, videos, that’s the place we call Webhosting in the language of Internet. Or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the necessary techniques and services for viewing on the Internet for a website or webpage. Most hosting companies require that you have a domain to host with them. If you do not have a domain, then hosting companies help you buy one.

Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services

Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services free web have x10Hosting

With more than 10 long periods of strong administration, x10Hosting is one of the most established and most trustworthy free web has around. Information exchange is quick, the specs are incredible, and you’ll approach 200+ a single tick installers that’ll get your site up and running in record time.

Capacity                            :        Unmetered

Data transfer capacity      :        Unmetered

Ads                                     :         None

Spaces                                :           2 subdomains, 2 addon areas, 1 stopped space

Email Accounts                :         3 email accounts

Transfer Methods             :           FTP

Scripting Support            :           PHP

Database Support            :           MySQL

Control Panel                   :          cPanel

Execution is amazing for a free host, and if your site takes off, you can simply move up to a paid arrangement for as meager as $4 every month through x10Premium (further developed VPS designs are additionally accessible for as meager as $9 every month).

Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services free web have byethost

Byethost claims a standout amongst the most great systems among free web facilitating administrations. Because of their fruitful premium administrations, Byethost can furnish first class free administrations without any contrivances or gets.

Capacity                            :           1 GB

Data transmission            :           50 GB for each month

Notices                              :            None

Spaces                                :           1 subdomain, 5 addon areas, 5 stopped spaces

Email Accounts                :            5 email accounts
Transfer Methods             :            FTP

Scripting Support            :            PHP

Database Support            :            MySQL

Control Panel                   :           VistaPanel
Not exclusively do you get bolster through the free network gatherings, yet Byethost offers all day, every day technical support notwithstanding with the expectation of complimentary clients. Try not to expect extremely quick reaction times, yet in case you’re an outright beginner, each ounce of assistance can demonstrate vital.

Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services free web have 5gbfree

5GBFree offers precisely what it guarantees. It’s a more up to date benefit so it’s misty how much longer they can keep this up, yet they’ve been around sufficiently long that we feel more than sufficiently agreeable to suggest them. To the extent esteem, 5GBFree is truly outstanding.
Capacity                          :            5 GB

Data transmission          :            20 GB for each month
Notices                            :             None

Spaces                             :             1 addon area, 1 stopped space

Email Accounts              :            None

Transfer Methods           :            FTP
Scripting Support          :             PHP

Database Support          :             MySQL

Control Panel                :              cPanel

Note that 5GBFree used to drive advertisements on openly facilitated destinations, yet they stopped that in 2014. In the event that you used to utilize them yet halted along these lines, rethink and attempt them once more. You might be agreeably shocked.

Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services free web have awardspace 

AwardSpace propelled in 2003, so rest guaranteed: they’ve been around for some time, they’ll still around years from now. The free administration is intended to channel you to their paid administrations, however for most clients, the free administration is all that could possibly be needed.

Capacity                            :              1 GB

Transfer speed                  :               5 GB for each month

Promotions                      :                None
Areas                                :                1 free space, 3 subdomains

Email Accounts               :                1 email account

Transfer Methods           :                FTP

Scripting Support          :                PHP

Database Support          :                MySQL

Control Panel                :                Custom

Indeed, even as a free client, you can exploit their incredible every minute of every day client bolster. Clearly paid clients are organized, yet considering you’re paying nothing, that is more than reasonable.


Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services free web have webfreehosting

Regardless of its as-non specific as-conceivable name, WebFreeHosting is a strong decision for beginners on the web. The specs are incredible, and you have a basic (and moderate) redesign way if your site takes off. Bolster telephone numbers are accessible in U.S., U.K., and Germany.
Capacity                                   :              1 GB

Data transfer capacity            :               5 GB for each month

Notices                                    :               None

Spaces                                      :               3 subdomains, 1 addon area

Email Accounts                      :               1 email account

Transfer Methods                   :               FTP

Scripting Support                  :               PHP, Perl

Database Support                  :               MySQL
Control Panel                        :               Custom

One thing that emerges is WebFreeHosting’s eco-kind disposition. Their servers are totally fueled by wind vitality, which should set your psyche calm in case you’re stressed over your own particular carbon impression.

Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services free web have 000webhost

000Webhost is an oft-suggested name on free web facilitating records, and which is all well and good. They pack a bundle of highlights into the free arrangement, and there are no shrouded costs, tricks, or gets. They additionally have 10 long stretches of understanding, so you can inhale simple knowing they won’t overlay medium-term.

Capacity                                     :           1 GB

Transmission capacity              :            10 GB for each month

Ads                                             :            None

Spaces                                        :            1 subdomain

Email Accounts                        :            5 email accounts

Transfer Methods                     :            FTP

Scripting Support                    :            PHP

Database Support                    :            MySQL

Control Panel                           :           cPanel

In spite of the immense specs, we do alert against utilizing 000Webhost on the grounds that they were hacked in 2015, prompting spilled usernames, passwords, email locations, and individual names. Be that as it may, in the event that you play it safe, you can relieve such dangers.
Need to remain safe on the web? At that point overlook all that you contemplate passwords, antivirus and online security since it’s a great opportunity to be retrained. This is what the specialists really do.

Top 10 in Easy and Free Web Hosting Services free web have territory

Propelled in 2005 as FreeWHA, here’s another administration that has obtained a lifetime of experience already a lot. They’ve demonstrated that they can maintain their administration for a long time. The site itself looks dated, however don’t give that a chance to stop you — by the day’s end, the administration quality is the only thing that is important.

Capacity                           :               1.5 GB

Data transmission           :               Unmetered
Notices                              :              None (see note underneath)

Spaces                               :               1 subdomain, free area exchange

Email Accounts                :               None

Transfer Methods             :              FTP

Scripting Support            :               PHP

Database Support            :              MySQL

Control Panel                  :               Custom

Note 1: Accounts never terminate as long as you get somewhere around 1 guest consistently. Nowadays that is unimaginably simple to oversee, so no stresses.
Note 2: Free Web Hosting Area guarantees that “low movement” destinations won’t ever have constrained advertisements. Once your activity crosses an undisclosed limit, you will see advertisements. You can dispose of them by moving up to the exceptionally shabby $12-per-year plan.


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